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Scandalous! Okay, But this Guy is Talented and Has a Future

Ralph Smith is the president and a co-founder of Sign up for the free daily email newsletterto get the latest news affecting federal employees. This article originally appeared on The General Services Administration (GSA) has been getting rammed with negative publicity around the country. It isn’t the kind of publicity that anyRead… Read more »

Social media and Australian public servants – Online participation not wanted?

Hi Govloopers – How does this compare to the situation in the United States or Canada? What is your reaction to this? Read an interesting piece by Markus Manhheim, Public Service Reporter, Canberra Times – PS on notice over social media use. I know that central agencies in the public sector do not deliberately issueRead… Read more »

New times demand a new public servant

So what would a new public servant look like in the States? Last weeks Public Sector Informant published an article by Terry Fewtrell on the implications of the work done by the Gov 2.0 Taskforce. Terry is principal consultant with Yellow Edge Consulting. The article New times demand a new public servant, highlights the fundamentalRead… Read more »

More on Twitter and the events in Iran

Expanding on the points made by the head of BBC News, Richard Sambrook, about the issues with sorting through the outpouring of tweets from Iran, Kevin Drum writing for Mother Jones underlines some lessons about the way in which Twitter is best used at a moment like this. Firstly he actually quotes me, unwittingly: OneRead… Read more »

Twitter: let the last doubter now shut up

Cartoon by Nikahang Kosar First they came for the newspapers, like they always do. Then they went after the opposition’s leaders, like they always do. Then they shut down the TV, like they always do. Then they cut the telephone lines including the mobile networks. Then they slowed down the internet and tried to blockRead… Read more »

Media 2.0 Must Follow Fed 2.0

Earlier today, Steve (@govloop), tweeted that he’s a late early adopter, which makes him a government innovator. Heritage media works the same way, often adapting to trends just as they change. I know, because I worked in small and mid-size news orgs for seven years, as an editor and reporter. I started a work-related blogRead… Read more »

NYT Op-Ed: To Change Washington, Move Out

Today’s Daily Pipeline by the Partnership for Public Service shares a fascinating Op-Ed from Mark Everson in the New York Times. The long and short of the article is that true change would come to Washington only if people actually left the city. With government being centralized in Washington, it creates a serious risk forRead… Read more »