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How Do You Retain Security With BYOD?

Mobile devices and applications have become an essential component of the modern workplace. On a daily basis, mobile devices are being integrated into the work environment. Across government, agencies are now exploring ways to implement bring-your-own-device policies, with the hopes that by allowing people to work on the platform they choose, agencies will be ableRead… Read more »

Transitioning to IPv6 – Are You Ready?

A press release on Cisco’s website identifies that top websites, internet service providers and networking manufacturers have all committed to permanently enable IPv6 for their products by June 6, 2012. The event has been organized by Internet Society, the mission of Internet Society is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the InternetRead… Read more »

Cybersecurity: How Do You Build Trust Within Your Network?

Today I read an interesting white paper from Cisco, Cybersecurity: Build Trust, Visibility, and Resilience. The paper focused on security issues across the internet, and what government leaders and IT staff need to know to keep systems safe. The report focused on five areas: Understanding the proliferation of risks Achieving a trusted network Creating networkRead… Read more »

Is Video the Core of Telework?

A recent report from Cisco identifies that video is at the core of government telework. The report, Video at the Core of Government Telework: Overcome Resistance with Face-to-Face Interaction, has some interesting insights to telework and the impact telework can have in government. Cisco also has a great video on telework: The report quickly providesRead… Read more »

Amazing Telepresence Demo at Government Solutions Forum

On to the last session at the Cisco Government Solutions Forum, lots of great content today and lessons learned to share back with the GovLoop community. The last session that I will be sitting in on is, Impacting Training & Development with Interactive Video..the Ripple Effect, this was part of the Mobile Collaboration track. ThroughoutRead… Read more »

Government Solutions Forum: Intelligent Automation for the Cloud

Today I will be live blogging at the Cisco Government Solutions Forum. I just attended my third session of the day, titled, the Intelligent Automation for the Cloud, which was part of the Unified Data Center & the Cloud track. Sidney Morgan, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco, gave a remarkable presentation about cloud technology. Data centers haveRead… Read more »

New Models for Government IT: Government IT is at a Tipping Point

Today I will be live blogging at the Cisco Government Solutions Forum. Session number two was titled, New Models for Government IT, which was part of the Cutting the Cost of Government track. Learning how to cut costs will continue to be a pressing issue for government. This session explores how technology can be usedRead… Read more »

Securing Your Network with BYOD, Multiple Devices and Preparing for the Future Workforce

Today I will be live blogging at the Cisco Government Solutions Forum. The session I just attended, Establishing Trust Within the Enterprise and Beyond, is part of the Managing Risks in a Dynamic Network Environment track. This track explores security and identifies that managing risks is always part of the conversation on technology. One ofRead… Read more »

Leveraging Technology to Improve Organizational Efficiency and Operations

I’m planning on attending the Cisco Government Solutions Forum On March 21st at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (1000 H Street NW) and wanted to share the details with the GovLoop Community. I’ll be doing some live blogging as well, so if you aren’t in DC or can’t attend, keep an eye out for the liveRead… Read more »