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Why We’re Excited About Amazon’s Government Cloud

Amazon announced the Amazon Web Services GovCloud today. This means that government agencies and programs can benefit from Amazon Web Services without having to fret about the myriad security and compliance issues that have been keeping them back. We’re really excited about this for a few reasons: Fewer Excuses Amazon has waded through the oceanRead… Read more »

Videoconferencing a “game changer” in economic growth

Deltek Sr. Analyst Kyle Ridley reports. The National Association of Counties (NACo) held its 76th Annual Conference and Exposition in Multnomah County, Ore. July 15-19, 2011. Several county officials, vendors and IT professionals attended the event in an effort to discuss policies and issues affecting counties nationwide and collaborate on ideas for shaping a brightRead… Read more »

Cloud experts respond to Call for Open Government in Canada

On June 21st Ontario Ombudsman André Marin called on the government of Ontario to embrace the worldwide trend toward open government, noting that many of his investigations of government organizations revealed a lack of transparency and accountability to Ontarians. On June 22nd we held our first webinar, Open Government Canada, that introduced how the trendRead… Read more »

Research and Best practices eNewsletter

Research Minorities Fuel Twitter Growth (01/01/2011) – Thirteen percent of U.S. adults online use Twitter, according to a study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Minorities are likely to play an increasingly important role in the service’s expansion, as 25% of online African Americans tweet, compared with 9% of non-Hispanic whiteRead… Read more »

Cisco Predicts the Future

Earlier this month, Cisco released their Visual Networking Index Forecast for 2015, and they predict some incredible growth in cyberspace. Together with a few dozen top consulting, analysis, and strategy firms, Cisco projected broadband connections, video subscribers, mobile connections, and Internet application adoption for the year 2015 using data from service providers, current technology trends,Read… Read more »

High Performance Clusters – Unleashing an Innovation Nation

Image via Wikipedia When setting up as an prototype example of Open Government, I was keenly motivated by a number of ideas from other sources, in particular Cisco’s ‘Next Generation Cluster’. First, other ideas that went in included one that was the real ‘secret sauce’ – Forward Commitment Procurement. This is one of thoseRead… Read more »

Bringing Military Technology to Ambulances and Hospitals

Like many others, I was impressed and inspired by the work of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District to develop a location-based application to alert CPR volunteers when a heart-attack victim is nearby. But what about other life-threatening injuries and medical issues? How else can we use technology to help provide better medical careRead… Read more »

Global GovCloud with Cisco and VCE

Last week I had the awesome experience of participating in a global telepresence conference on government cloud computing. Joining me as presenters were Blake Salle, Senior Vice President of VCE, who shared a roadmap which focused on goals and objectives to better serve goverment organizations and their constituents, and Joshua McCloud, Public Sector Solutions ArchitectRead… Read more »

Remembering the Alliance for Digital Equality Newark, NJ Event

Recently, as my firm engaged in some social and mobile campaigns targeting urban consumers (highly successful due to the large adoption rates for advanced mobile devices), I began to wonder if “access to broadband” was still a needed conversation. Between smart phones, iPads, public wifi (starbucks and others commonly offering it free), and personal mobileRead… Read more »