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Think Architecture, Not just Vendor Application

We move into the New Year with anticipation of doing great things with our infrastructure and improve the efficiency of our operations. Unfortunately, many have a tendency to look at the latest great thing (e.g., application, Operating System, etc…) as the magic bullet. Each vendor points to how his/her product is the “killer app” thatRead… Read more »

My thoughts on the BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry teased the world with its Playbook offering yesterday and the geek world exploded between hails of “the iPad Killer hath arrived” to “meh”. BlackBerry has made some interesting choices with the Playbook. My personal thought is that in the end, the design by committee approach won over the hard core fanatics within Blackberry. TheRead… Read more »

From uranium enrichment to Internet enabled kegerators – Collaboration is key

The recent stir around the Stuxnet malware definitely ups the ante as it pertains to the potential damage that a piece of software can invoke. For those of you not familiar with this recent finding, stuxnet essentially hunts down a specific Siemens programmable logic controller (something that facilitates electromechanical processes) and disrupts the timing ofRead… Read more »

GovUp: We Love You San Francisco!

Last night we kicked off our GovLoop National tour and we definitely made the right choice starting in the city by the bay: San Francisco. First off I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time when you get tons of Govies together and last night we packed the Minna Gallery with over 100 awesomeRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 culture needs nurture (and a catalyst) – and we’re not there yet

Republished from the original post at acidlabs. Please comment as well there if you can. Earlier this week, I attended the FutureGov Forum Australia. It was an interesting event, not least because the talking head component was kept to a reasonable minimum, with the model focussed on rotating tables with each new table hosting aRead… Read more »

Facebook – Find a Job or Lose One!?

Thought this article from Forbes magazine was worth posting: How Facebook Ruined My CareerChristopher Steiner and Helen Coster 04.13.10, 9:50 AM ET With 400 million registered users, Facebook is a great place to find a job. For more than a few cavalier souls, it’s a great place to lose one, too. By now you’d thinkRead… Read more »

The Women’s Conference 2010 – Feb Giveaway ends tonight!

From @mariashriver: Our February Giveaway ends tonight! Win 2 tix to The Women’s Conference 2010 and chance to interview Jillian Michaels. Below is my submission: 🙂 ———– The Great Giveaway: Who would you like to invite for brunch? I would like to have all of the members of #RusTechDel to brunch: Co-led byRead… Read more »

YGL – Web 2.0 as an enabler in Federal Government

Web 2.0: What is it? Who’s using it? How to introduce it in your organization? What to expect from a new national administration in 2009? On October 22, 2008, these questions and more were answered at the Web 2.0 event sponsored by Young Government Leaders (YGL), in coordination with our partners at the National AcademyRead… Read more »