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Outlook for Social Media Innovation in Government

Social media provides great opportunities for government agencies to connect with citizens. Through social media, providing access to information and reaching citizens can be done easier than ever before. Most studies show staggering upward trends of adoption rates and increased use of social networks. Since many of these platforms are still relatively new, it willRead… Read more » get’s a makeover…what’s different? goes live…again. The eRulemaking Program team says this update is the first installment in a series of website developments scheduled for this year. The substantial redesign aims to effectively relaunch the site to meet the goals in the President’s Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review Executive Order. John Moses is the Director at EPA’s CollectionRead… Read more »

The Digital Age Pressures Courts to get with the Times

Technology and the courts are clashing in a big way. At the same time that we see court systems trying to take advantage of technology to increase transparency, we also see that same technology eroding the process. Karen Eltis, a professor at the University of Ottawa Law School and author of Courts, Litigants and theRead… Read more »

What’s my obligation?

During a meeting this past weekend I once again had the chance to interact with local government officials from all over the country. I attended an excellent session on social media, mostly to see the reactions and hear the questions from meeting attendees. What I heard from them was the same thing I had beenRead… Read more »