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The Obama Administration and Drupal

It looks like the idea of Open Source software is not being missed in Washington. I see the website is being published using Drupal. Perhaps if Washington sets the example, then the idea of an open source EHR like VistA won’t freak people out so much.

VistA makes another toehold in the outside world

Some of you already know that VistA adoption has spawned several companies using the open source business model – i.e. take a free product and make money by offering installation, customization and support for the base product. One such player is MedSphere, offering VistA support services. There is another instance of a significant VistA adoptionRead… Read more »

VistA in health informatics Education

I ran across this today. Apparently VistA is being taken into the classroom at George Mason University. It certainly makes sense to use VistA in the educational setting: no licensing fees, students can download and run their own private version of the VOE appliance to practice their lessons on, and the price is certainly right.

Applying Health 2.0 Lessons to the Constituent/Representative Relationship

Provisions in the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the economic stimulus package signed by President Obama Feb. 17, include 19.2 billion dollars in incentive funds for physicians to abandon piecemeal paper-based health records for an electronic systems that will allow for greater efficiency and more indepth data collection for the diagnosis andRead… Read more »