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Trip Advisor for Gov’s Public Management

Managing the managers? Is that even possible? Government’s task: public management (aka managing the public service realm and all its facets.) This not only entails managing current systems and programs, it can also require new evaluations of management after certain crises arise. State and local governments have a critical role to play when attempting toRead… Read more »

How to Prepare for the 2016 Presidential Transition

National security is always a priority for any administration. And this year cybersecurity was the primary agenda item. But it won’t stop at the end of 2015. The new President-elect will have to hit the ground running when it comes to addressing national security. In order to tackle the security question, it is crucial that government workRead… Read more »

Grade Gov’s Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are not just report cards. Employees often feel like performance reviews are just a waste of time because they seem to provide little feedback to truly enhance the agency’s mission. Performance reviews can also provide an avenue for communication within the agency. They can provide a way for both employees and leaders toRead… Read more »

Don’t Hide the Issue

In the children’s movie, Robots, Rodney Copperbottom grows up hearing his role model, Mr. Bigweld, teach the world, “see a need, fill a need.” I won’t ruin the movie for you, but let’s just say that he ends up living this mantra out to its fullest. What I love about the movie (aside from itsRead… Read more »