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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Simplified

BY ADMIN ON OCTOBER 17, 2011 · 0 COMMENTS[EDIT] Http://LeonardSipes.Com I help run a variety of government websites that produce high numbers of page views. After multiple years of success, and after helping others create and market websites, I received a challenge. “Your success is partially based on the fact that you’re a .gov,” aRead… Read more »

Why Searching With Bing & Twitter Will Save Journalism

If you Google the “demise of journalism,” some 718,000 results will appear detailing the transition of consumers to the Internet, the decline of advertising revenue, the hacking of newsroom editorial staffs, the artificial knowledge of crowd-sourced information, and the collective threat to intellectualism and civic responsibility. Usually fingers are pointed at culprits from spineless newspaperRead… Read more »

The Future of Search Engines?

The debut of Wolfram/Alpha, a computational knowledge engine, perhaps provides a glimpse of what is to come, with respect to the future of search engines. Wolfram/Alpha not only displays data graphically, unlike traditional search engines, but also displays data relationships to what is being queried. In it’s current state Wolfram/Alpha may not displace Google anytimeRead… Read more »