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How to optimize debt recovery with minor information and process adjustments

Government organizations that handle collections have similar business challenges regardless of agency focus and mission. Let’s face it, debtors can be elusive. They are often hard to find and even more difficult to collect upon when information and processes are lacking. To accelerate debt recovery, governments must focus on optimization – particularly, streamlining how resourcesRead… Read more »

How Is Your Agency Going to Tackle Mobile Optimization?

In the White House digital government strategy released a few weeks ago, the White House has made it clear that it wants all government agencies to ensure that the American public can find its critical services via their mobile phone. This is not surprising considering that currently 46% of the American public owns a smartphone,Read… Read more »

Social Networks: If You Build It, Will they Come?

By: Grant Asplund Originally posted on Federal Blue Print In an age where technology is changing in the blink of an eye, there is one thing we know for certain: social media applications and networks are here to stay. While old technologies such as voice and instant messenger persist, more and more agencies are integratingRead… Read more »

Government IT Trends in 2012

By Doug Krueger, Blue Coat Federal Originally published on the BluePrint blog It’s hard to believe that 2011 is coming to an end and that we are ramping up for the New Year. Around this time of year, our favorite publications are full of their predictions and while they are interesting to read, this yearRead… Read more »

Department of Defense Missing OMB Deadline Reinforces That Data Center Consolidation is More Complex Than Imagined

Originally posted on Blue Coat’s Federal Blue Printblog On October 7, federal agencies needed to provide a progress report to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that provides an update on all data center consolidation efforts. While many agencies met the OMB deadline, the Department of Defense (DoD) did not submit its report, andRead… Read more »

Video Killed the Network’s Performance

Originally posted to Blue Coat’s federal blog, Blue Print. Authored by Grant Asplund You know your employees are doing it; sitting there, at their desks, watching videos and devouring your network’s bandwidth. Currently Cisco estimates that video accounts for 20-50 percent of traffic on networks, but anticipates that as more and more agencies utilize videoRead… Read more »

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Simplified

BY ADMIN ON OCTOBER 17, 2011 · 0 COMMENTS[EDIT] Http://LeonardSipes.Com I help run a variety of government websites that produce high numbers of page views. After multiple years of success, and after helping others create and market websites, I received a challenge. “Your success is partially based on the fact that you’re a .gov,” aRead… Read more »

Backlink Bartering: How interlinking among government sites can help get our web content found

The following post is expanded from my original post on May 23, 2011, to the Federal Web Content Managers Forum: As a fellow govie from GSA quoted the other day: “We fellow govies should support each other’s work” and no one more so than those of us working in digital content and the Internet. TheRead… Read more »

Why Searching With Bing & Twitter Will Save Journalism

If you Google the “demise of journalism,” some 718,000 results will appear detailing the transition of consumers to the Internet, the decline of advertising revenue, the hacking of newsroom editorial staffs, the artificial knowledge of crowd-sourced information, and the collective threat to intellectualism and civic responsibility. Usually fingers are pointed at culprits from spineless newspaperRead… Read more »