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Understanding Your FEGLI Coverage, by Todd Carmack

Understanding Your FEGLI Coverage, by Todd Carmack As a benefit counselor and retirement income specialist, I have come to realize that a lot of employees do not remember what they signed up for or understand their federal employee group life insurance (FEGLI) coverage. An outline of FEGLI coverages available; Basic FEGLI Coverage – if elected,Read… Read more »

Federal and Postal Employee Retirement Planning – One Year Out If you are planning to retire in ONE year think about concentrating on a few things that might help to keep you on track and make certain you don’t miss out on anything. • Confirm when you will be eligible to receive your full retirement benefit. FERS Eligibility CSRS Eligibility • Have a benefitRead… Read more »

Getting Ready For Your Federal Retirement Getting ready for retirement means putting plans in place for perhaps one of the biggest transitions you will make in your life. Some things you should consider if you are planning to retire in 5 years. • Have a Federal Employee Benefit Analysis performed. • Ask your employer exactly what they can do inRead… Read more »

FEGLI Clarifications and Coverage Verification

I’ve received many emails over the years from annuitants, spouses of deceased annuitants, and estate executors that weren’t aware of the annuitant’s coverage and/or beneficiaries. A number of annuitants forget what coverage they elected (if any) or who they designated as beneficiary. There are a number of things that you, your spouse, and estate executorRead… Read more »

Government Benefits Worth Your Money

Goal: Make sense of your benefits package and pick the programs right for you. How To Cover Your Benefits Bases: 1. Pick a health/vision/dental insurance plan that suits your working style (i.e. HMO for staying put/PPO for travelling Govvies). 2. Contribute 5% to your retirement account or enough to get the full employer match, whicheverRead… Read more »