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Government Benefits Worth Your Money

Goal: Make sense of your benefits package and pick the programs right for you. How To Cover Your Benefits Bases: 1. Pick a health/vision/dental insurance plan that suits your working style (i.e. HMO for staying put/PPO for travelling Govvies). 2. Contribute 5% to your retirement account or enough to get the full employer match, whicheverRead… Read more »

Protecting Your Identity – Tips for the Travelling Fed

Goal: Protect your identity at home and on the road. How To Protect Your Identity: 1. Photocopy the front and back of every card in your wallet. Keep these copies someplace safe at home. 2. When travelling, remove everything except your driver’s license, regular credit or debit card and one backup for emergencies. 3. RemoveRead… Read more »

The Retirement vs. College Savings Smackdown!

Goal: Find a smart strategy for retirement and college savings. 4 Steps to Saving Responsibly: 1. Save 3-6 months of debt payments and other critical expenses. 2. Accelerate payments of high-interest debt so that the total debt you owe is decreasing every month, even if only slightly (meaning you are paying more than the financeRead… Read more »