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What Challenging Yourself Really Means

Today, I will try to challenge you. As a young professional, I often hear key phrases like this when attending career info or advice sessions. Established professionals at some point always say how important it is to “Challenge yourself! Get out of your comfort zone! Do something that makes you scared.” When I hear suchRead… Read more »

Get Your Resume Government- Ready

There’s no shortage of government resume tips out there. Whether it’s a federal or state and local position, it’s important to understand how to strengthen your overall resume for government. GovLoop has a number of resources to help you government-ize your resume. But what if you are just entering the government workforce or barely haveRead… Read more »

Is Grad School Worth It?

It’s the ultimate stress-inducing question that almost every college grad faces: Is graduate school worth it? There are certainly a lot of benefits. For one, there’s about a 30 percent difference in average annual salaries between those who hold graduate degrees and those who hold a bachelor’s degree. According to the United States Census Bureau,Read… Read more »

You Got the Position: Now What? Making the Most of Your Time

This blog is the second of a two-part series called, “You Got the Position: Now What?” We’ll focus on what you as a millennial should do to maximize your position once you attain that awesome job or internship.  You’ve landed the job, you’ve made an effort to put your best self forward in the firstRead… Read more »