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Is Grad School Worth It?

It’s the ultimate stress-inducing question that almost every college grad faces: Is graduate school worth it? There are certainly a lot of benefits. For one, there’s about a 30 percent difference in average annual salaries between those who hold graduate degrees and those who hold a bachelor’s degree. According to the United States Census Bureau,Read… Read more »

Advancing Your Government Career: A List of Useful Resources

Last week, I had the chance to appear on a Live Video Chat hosted by Penelope Trunk and Ryan Paugh, co-founders of Gen Y networking site Brazen Careerist. The overall topic was “Career Management 101” and my segment specifically covered “Advancing Your Government Career.” I shared a bunch of resources that are available on GovLoopRead… Read more »

Dispatches from the Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program

The Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program is a year-long Leadership Development Program for GS13-15s. As part of the program, participants must do two 60-day developmental assignments as well as conduct a series of interviews with Senior Executives. Needless to say, with 135 participants enrolled, there are some fantastic assignments and networking encounters that take placeRead… Read more »