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What Innovating Acquisition Should Mean – And Should Not

Talk of innovating Federal acquisition is widespread. Change is needed, and many smart people are hard at work on it. Confusion accompanies the conversation, however, and clarification is needed. If you’re involved in an acquisition innovation effort, ask yourself the following questions. What do we mean by innovating acquisition? Broadly, it seems the government canRead… Read more »

A Year of Technology Trends and Innovations

When I think of the future of technological innovation and development, my mind first goes to artificial intelligence and robots. But technological innovation doesn’t have to be quite as grandiose, and digital innovation is present today. In terms of government, local, state and federal agencies are challenging their former risk-adverse natures and creating new innovationRead… Read more »

To Generate Innovation Ideas, Questions Are The Answer

Where do innovation ideas come from? Conventional wisdom says organizations must look outside to innovate. Innovative ideas exist out there, not in here. Not where everyone is too vested in the status quo. Too risk averse and change resistant. But wisdom isn’t conventional and innovative ideas aren’t rare gems to be found. Innovation is aRead… Read more »

Rethinking Government’s Business Model

Rethinking government’s business model is as critical to innovation as is technology modernization. Agencies use technology to deliver better value to customers. But technology can drive organizational change in unexpected ways. Business model change is central to doing something different to get a better result. A business model is the way an organization is structuredRead… Read more »

A Paint-By-Number Guide for Government Innovation

Paint-by-numbers. Remember these? As an artistically-challenged person, I have fond childhood memories of many paint-by-number masterpieces. Music was always my art form, but as for visual art, I was the person distinguishing my pencil figures by drawing a triangular skirt and long eyelashes for any female character. Whether or not you’re a natural at innovativeRead… Read more »