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Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – August 7, 2010

The beat goes on: Stephanie Gerson: Moneyball, policy wikis, and government 2.0 Aliya Stenstein: EPA posts toxic data early to encourage crowdsourcing Jenara Nerenberg: Now Chile Wants a Silicon Valley of Its Own – But Where’s the Homegrown Talent? Tom Philpott: The history of urban agriculture should inspire its future Tim O’Reilly: Opening the doorsRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – July 27, 2010

Very soon, G2R gets its own GovLoop profile 😉Steve Radick: What Can the Government Learn from a $100,000 Salt & Pepper Shaker?Kim Patrick Kozba: Late Bloomers and the Evolution of ‘Social’Morgen Peers: Getting Down Under(neath) Gov 2.0Nick Judd: The Challenge of Tech for Civic GroupsJohn Ohab: Open Innovation in the Science and Technology CommunityBob Gourley:Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – June 20, 2010

DCWeek – 240 people to check out on Twitter Ideas for Seattle – Local Gov and UserVoice Paul Day’s Conversion-Driven Government: Social Media is Not You Job Open Government – a book review The Guardian: The Internet – Everything you ever need to know Internet.artizans: open data doesn’t empower communities Understanding gov20 adoption, findingRead… Read more »

Why Twitter’s Gov’t Outreach is a Big Win for the Gov 2.0 Movement

For at least that past two years, a tiny yet fast-growing group of folks who call themselves “Gov 2.0 advocates” has worked tirelessly to spread a message that emerging technologies, low-cost communications and digital culture can reshape government to be more collaborative, transparent, efficient and connected to its citizens. We have advocated for humanizing government,Read… Read more »