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Link roundup

I find this stuff so you don’t have to: Delivering alpha performance reporting dashboards | Digital Health Origami – Design prototyping with Quartz Composer (free from Facebook) Daring Fireball: Microsoft, Past and Future – excellent read Splat the rat – our never ending web rationalisation | Digital Health The endemic flaw in the BBC’s digitalRead… Read more »

Backlink Bartering: How interlinking among government sites can help get our web content found

The following post is expanded from my original post on May 23, 2011, to the Federal Web Content Managers Forum: As a fellow govie from GSA quoted the other day: “We fellow govies should support each other’s work” and no one more so than those of us working in digital content and the Internet. TheRead… Read more »

Political law links for Wednesday

“WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. LOVE, THE IRS.” WSJ editorial. “A tax probe of donations given by a specific class of political donors is a boldfaced attempt to punish and discourage political speech.” NEW SUPER PAC NEWS. LA Times. “Indiana attorney James Bopp Jr., one of the lawyers who brought the watershed Citizens United caseRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – September 7, 2010

Get your work week on: Ed Chi: Mind-meld in Group Decision Making Michael Gurstein: Open Data – Empowering the Empowered, or Effective Data Use for Everyone? Dan Woods: 10 Corporate Social Media Mistakes Economist: Untangling the social web Alex Howard: “Spontaneous collaboration” and other lessons from the private sector and Bringing open government to theRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – August 2, 2010

Tell me, is there an app for that? Matt Poelmans: FutureGovForum, AustraliaHeather Timmons: In India, Using Facebook to Catch Scofflaw DriversNESTA: Small is Beautiful – Innovation in Local GovernmentPeter Corbett: Apps for the Army Winners – Doubling Our ExpectationsElizabeth Woyke: Apps That Change the WorldGov 2.0 Radio: UserVoice CEO Richard White on Leveraging Your Community

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – July 27, 2010

Very soon, G2R gets its own GovLoop profile 😉Steve Radick: What Can the Government Learn from a $100,000 Salt & Pepper Shaker?Kim Patrick Kozba: Late Bloomers and the Evolution of ‘Social’Morgen Peers: Getting Down Under(neath) Gov 2.0Nick Judd: The Challenge of Tech for Civic GroupsJohn Ohab: Open Innovation in the Science and Technology CommunityBob Gourley:Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – July 26, 2010

It was a busy weekend: Jesus Diaz: NASA Astronauts Hacked by Twitter SpammersHouse Oversight and Government Reform Committee: Government 2.0 Part 1 – Federal Use of Web 2.0 Technologies Kim Patrick Kozba: Citizen networks – What can we learn from the science of epigenetics? On the Media: The Public Access Crusade of Carl MalamudSteve Ressler:Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – June 20, 2010

DCWeek – 240 people to check out on Twitter Ideas for Seattle – Local Gov and UserVoice Paul Day’s Conversion-Driven Government: Social Media is Not You Job Open Government – a book review The Guardian: The Internet – Everything you ever need to know Internet.artizans: open data doesn’t empower communities Understanding gov20 adoption, findingRead… Read more »