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Can You See Through the Money?

In a world filled with technology, we assume transparency is a given. We desire the ‘need to know’ and we believe it is our right to know. To top it all of, we hold our government to a higher standard. The concept of checks and balances fosters a sense of mutual accountability from citizens andRead… Read more »

Innovations Are on the Rise in Public Financial Management

These past few years we’ve heard a lot about innovations. The information technology era boomed and led the way for many new and exciting changes in private and public industry. But who would have known that it would also affect the way public sector financial managers operate? The International Monetary Fund (IMF) did. The IMFRead… Read more »

25 Years of the CFO Act

Twenty-five years ago Congress passed the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act. This act marked the beginning of an era that incorporated necessary positions of oversight; ranging from CFOs to Chief Information Officers (CIOs). But, what do all these acronyms really mean? Have they been successful in helping government function more smoothly? Jim Taylor, Managing DirectorRead… Read more »

Government Contracting – a Risky Business?

When the market is down, it’s down –but we all believe it will come back again…eventually. But what does it mean when the government is down? And aside from federal employees, where does that leave government contractors? To answer that question, Richard LaFleur, leader of Grant Thornton’s Government Contracts Practice, sat down with Christopher DorobekRead… Read more »