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25 Years of the CFO Act

Twenty-five years ago Congress passed the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act. This act marked the beginning of an era that incorporated necessary positions of oversight; ranging from CFOs to Chief Information Officers (CIOs). But, what do all these acronyms really mean? Have they been successful in helping government function more smoothly? Jim Taylor, Managing DirectorRead… Read more »

8 Ways to Build an Economy That Works for Everyone

On Monday, Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez spoke at the National Press Club. His speech, “Shared Prosperity: Building an Economy that Works for Everyone,” provided insights on current policy focus areas at the Department of Labor. He opened by reminding the audience of a phrase used by President Obama during a rally in Milwaukee: “ByRead… Read more »

SCA Update: Labor Finalizes Mandatory Hiring Rule

Follow-On Contractors Must Hire Eligible Incumbent’s Employees In the latest chapter in the political tug-of-war over hiring displaced workers, the Dept. of Labor has published a final rule requiring follow-on contractors to give the right of first refusal to incumbent contractor’s employees on SCA-covered contracts. After 42, 3-columned pages of discussion and explanation, the LaborRead… Read more »