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Kundra’s Harvard Paper – Digital Fuel – Open Data & Network Effect

Former U.S. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra just released his first academic paper from his time as a Shorensten Center Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. Entitled Digital Fuel of the 21st Century – Innovation through Open Data & the Network Effect, Kundra advocates for the government to have a default of releasing data and being open,Read… Read more »

Hurricane Irene: GIS, Social Media, and Big Data Shine

As Katherine Maher pointed out on Twitter, no one gets credit when contingency plans work. And it is truly amazing how much government-citizen information collaboration has evolved–not to mention the growth of data journalism even in the most traditional news outlets. The average citizen had a wealth of accurate (and useful) hurricane information to chooseRead… Read more »

How using a marketing approach can help open data

One of the biggest barriers to the growth of the open data movement in my opinion is that nearly every open data related meeting/event is still comprised primarily of data geeks and app developers. The language that is used by this community (e.g. machine readable data, open access, genomes, geo-spatial, etc…) confuses the typical non-geekRead… Read more »

Applications and Hardware Already Running On Open Data

Yesterday, Gerry T shared a photo he snapped at the University of Alberta in Edmonton of a “departure board” in the university’s Student Union building that uses open transportation data from the city’s website. Essentially the display board is composed of a simply application, displayed over a large flat screen TV turned vertically. It’s exactlyRead… Read more »

Innovation and eDiplomacy — The importance of internet freedom and the use of technology to enhance international affairs

This morning, I attended an event at the US Embassy Public Affairs Unit in Canberra designed to discuss matters of eDiplomacy and use of online tools in diplomatic and international affairs efforts. The event, being hosted specifically for an Australian audience by the State Department included a conversation with Alec J Ross (he is @AlecJRossRead… Read more »

The Challenge of Open Data and Metrics

One promise of open data is its ability to inform citizens and consumers about the quality of local services. At the Gov 2.0 Summit yesterday the US Department of Health and Human Resources announced it was releasing data on hospitals, nursing homes and clinics in the hopes that developers will create applications that show citizensRead… Read more »

IBM & Next American City want to see the best of Gov 2.0

How are you and your agency addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century? Is it opening data for everyone? Is it developing transportation alternatives to the car? Is it preparing for demographic shifts and economic changes? Are you and your friends creating innovative ways to engage your fellow citizens and encourage others toRead… Read more » Upcoming Events [Updated]

[NOTE: These events are being tweeted on Twitter at #lawgov.] Here are upcoming events in connection with the legal open government data project: April 28, 2010: Duke Workshop, co-sponsored by Duke’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain, and to be held at Duke Law School, Durham, North Carolina [added 11 MarchRead… Read more »