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Sunlight Foundation’s 33 Recommendations for Open Data Policies

This morning I was reading a recent blog post by Laurenellen McCann, Open Data Policy Guidelines, from the Sunlight Foundation. I found the blog post fascinating, and believed this would be a great resource for the GovLoop community to check out, especially if you are involved in Gov 2.0 or open data initiatives within yourRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Planning an Open Government Future

While the pressure to maintain transparent operations is an issue facing all levels of government, one challenge that is especially pressing for local governments is taking big data out of open data, making information more readily accessible to average citizens. Presenting data in a meaningful way is the goal of Open Tucson, an independent non-profitRead… Read more »

The Two Interlocking Cycles of Gov 2.0

This post is, in some ways, an extension of another from last week called “The Three Dimensions of Open Government“. “Open government” is a term that’s getting a reasonable amount of use these past few years. It’s overtaken an earlier term “Gov 2.0”. That doesn’t surprise me. “Gov 2.0” seems a little dated (as, inRead… Read more »

Open Data Movement is a Joke?

Yesterday, Tom Slee wrote a blog post called “Why the ‘Open Data Movement’ is a Joke,” which – and I say this as a Canadian who understands the context in which Slee is writing – is filled with valid complaints about our government, but which I feel paints a flawed picture of the open dataRead… Read more »

Three Dimensions of Open Government

A recent Twitter exchange that I saw got me thinking about the different things people mean by “open government”. John Moore retweeted: @canadiancynic: So, @TonyClementCPC, how’s that whole “#opengov” thing working out for you? Uh oh … Tony Clement replied: @JohnFMoore 272,000 data sets now online; more usable formats; science research online, etc #opengovRead… Read more »

Access to Information, Open Data and the Problem with Convergence

In response to my post yesterday one reader sent me a very thoughtful commentary that included this line at the end: “Rather than compare [Freedom of Information] FOI legislation and Open Gov Data as if it’s “one or the other”, do you think there’s a way of talking about how the two might converge?” OneRead… Read more »

Kundra’s Harvard Paper – Digital Fuel – Open Data & Network Effect

Former U.S. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra just released his first academic paper from his time as a Shorensten Center Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. Entitled Digital Fuel of the 21st Century – Innovation through Open Data & the Network Effect, Kundra advocates for the government to have a default of releasing data and being open,Read… Read more »

Hurricane Irene: GIS, Social Media, and Big Data Shine

As Katherine Maher pointed out on Twitter, no one gets credit when contingency plans work. And it is truly amazing how much government-citizen information collaboration has evolved–not to mention the growth of data journalism even in the most traditional news outlets. The average citizen had a wealth of accurate (and useful) hurricane information to chooseRead… Read more »