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Meet the Govie Using You to Innovate

We all have the potential to solve some of the hard hitting problems the government faces on a daily basis. However, there is oftentimes no mechanisms in place to foster such open innovation. Fortunately, there are govies like Jenn Gustetic who are pushing the bounds of open innovation and involving citizens in the government problem… Read more »

Civic Engagement and Open Innovation: Engaging Stakeholders in 2012

In an environment with decreasing resources and often increasing expectations for government performance, local government innovators are springing up in cities across the country. The three panelists for this session are working to make “government a platform”, providing the tools for citizens to engage with the city, tools which can be utilized to provide importantRead… Read more »

Government: A sluggish bureaucracy or a rapid innovator?

Government has spearheaded some pretty impressive tech advances, such as the advent of GPS and foundation for the Internet, despite government being popularly viewed as behind the curve – especially when compared to the private sector. So which is right? Chris Dorobek of DOROBEKInsider spoke with Kevin Stark, Director of Technology Solutions at NineSigma, aboutRead… Read more »

Government as a Catalyst: Prizes for Tech Innovation

At this year’s South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) conference, I’m pleased to be moderating a panel on the role of government and prizes in stimulating technology innovation and providing public services. Federal agencies have recently been given the authority by Congress to sponsor competitions for individuals, groups, and companies to develop new ideas andRead… Read more »

Do Brainstorming Sessions Work? Studies Say No.

This morning I read a fascinating article from The New Yorker, Groupthink: The Brainstorming Myth, by Jonah Lehrer. The article points to one of the early founders of the concept of brainstorming, Alex Osborn. During the 1940’s, Osborn was one of the advertising agency industry titans, his book, “Your Creative Power,” was received very wellRead… Read more »

Blogging Series: 10 Ways Open Innovation Can Transform Your Agency

10 Ways Open Innovation Can Transform Your Agency Starting this week, I will be doing a 10-part series on open innovation and how it can transform government agencies. What is open innovation? Open innovation is a phrase that was coined by Henry Chesbrough as, “…the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerateRead… Read more »