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Organizational and corporate strategy made manageable? Basecamp offers needed help!

Today I am conducting a tutorial on the “Basecamp” web application from 37 Signals. On the surface, Basecamp is a web-based project management application that is insanely easy to use, straightforward, and truly geared to making you and your team more productive (rather than to packing as many features as possible into a single product,Read… Read more »

“Cutting Edge” Strategies for Reorganizing or Downsizing: The “Stress Doc’s” Top Ten Tips for Tip-Top Management

[Cautionary Note: This article may be hazardous to the ironically-impaired.] In this era of organizational restructuring or downsizing, or better still, right-sizing, or most on target, what I call “fright-sizing,” the challenge for top management is having the savvy and guts to gut much of your workforce while still maintaining survivor productivity and team moraleRead… Read more »