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The 2 Motives Driving Organizational Saboteurs

We’ve already discussed how the saboteur undermines an organization or cause by starting a cycle of operational drag and harassing and demoralizing their coworkers. But what drives a saboteur? Didn’t he want to work there in the first place? Wasn’t she hired because she was the top of her field? The number one motivation forRead… Read more »

The Simple Sabotage Field Manual, Cubicle Edition

Behold, published in 1944, the Simple Sabotage Field Manual. In its original context, the SSFM was applied to allied sympathizers in occupied territories during WWII. Today, the field guide has stunning applicability to 21st century organizations and employees. This blog reframes the Simple Sabotage Field Guide’s “tips and tricks” as a set of guideline forRead… Read more »

Navigating the Miserable Workplace

I was reading Deb Green’s post, Preventing the Miserable Workplace — that was miraculously trending on the GovLoop homepage this morning, four months after its original publish date — and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a fed employee friend who is unequivocally unhappy with his workplace. Deb’s post is about howRead… Read more »

Preventing The Miserable Workplace

Have you ever voted with your feet? Voting with your feet means you’ve left a job because you were absolutely miserable doing the work. You weren’t challenged by the work, you felt you were just a cog in a wheel, and no one really knew you for who you were, just the jobs that youRead… Read more »

The Inner Voice at Work

Organizations are collections of people—individuals who have an inner work lives. The inner work life is a complex set of processes affecting how individuals understand themselves and interact with others. While most of the inner work life is hidden, a great deal is revealed through patterns in behavior, which ultimately affect work, performance, and theRead… Read more »

Managing Organizational Change – Valuable Input from Our Clients

Here are the highlights from the First Annual Signature Development Organizational Development Roundtable discussion on Managing Organizational Change. Below you will find the major questions clients asked during the discussion as well as some of the best practices CHENEGA, U.S. Department of Energy and other client organizations are implementing to manage organizational change. Challenges: CreatingRead… Read more »

Managing Bureaucratization

Controlling an organization is difficult. The larger the organization, the more complex is the process of control. We don’t think about it too much, but what we are trying to control are changes that naturally occur. The drivers of changes are many and can be hidden in the layers of the organization. The internal driversRead… Read more »

Leadership as an Agency’s Outcome

We often forget that the essence of an organization is its people. Public sector organizations are notorious for this oversight. If we expect them to be successful, innovative, and improve the organization, we need to focus on how we produce leaders and what we expect from the process. That being said, we should ask ourselvesRead… Read more »

Reflections on the Training Officer’s Consortia Annual Institute

Recently I had the privilege of presenting at the Training Officer’s Consortia (TOC) Annual Institute – Making Training Sweet in Hershey, Pennsylvania and I want to share my experience with you. The Institute kicked off with a presentation from Kathryn Medina with OPM. Kathryn’s keynote address highlighted how critical it is that the next generationsRead… Read more »