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Separation of Church and State: Myths and Facts

The Founders Tried to Protect Us From Religious Extremists America’s founders deliberately kept god out of our Constitution because they didn’t want a theocracy. But many Americans now try to force all of us to practice their faith, and prevent some from practicing different faiths. Nothing is more un-American. James Madison and Gouverneur Morris wroteRead… Read more »

Some groups are internet savvy

Http://LeonardSipes.Com Alternative title: The religious like the internet and see it as valuable to their efforts. The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently created a statistical overview of the internet use of those religiously active (see below). Those of us doing social media have always known that there are groups that interact well onRead… Read more »

Video – “The Internet is My Religion”

Sounds a little crazy to call the internet your religion, right? If someone asked me my religion, I’d have to grudgingly say Catholic. Regardless of what you believe in, this is a pretty inspiring story about how the internet literally saved Jim Gilliam’s life. FromTechPresident’s recent Personal Democracy Forum annual event (heard it was awesome!)Read… Read more »