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Preparing for Phase 2 of the CDM Program

Government information networks have become more interconnected and diverse than ever before. As such, risks for cyberattacks have increased. To help civilian agencies detect, mitigate and mediate attacks, DHS has established the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) program, which will enable government officials to gain increased visibility of their networks, and improve their cybersecurity postureRead… Read more »

3 Best Practices for Securing Confidential Data

With organizations creating more documents and data by the minute, it’s essential now more than ever before that agencies look at how to protect all of their information. That’s why many agency leaders are now exploring Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions. DLP helps organizations discover, monitor, protect and manage information, particularly sensitive data, wherever itRead… Read more »

Why Information Governance Matters

Today, pretty much everything is going digital, including government information and documents. But for public agencies with outdated, hard copy records management systems, how do they handle demands to manage vast amounts of data and digitized documents? It’s no easy task, but the implementation of an effective information governance strategy is critical to agency performance.Read… Read more »

New Threats Means New Solutions

The following blog post is an excerpt from a recent GovLoop guide: Your Cybersecurity Crash Course. We solicited the GovLoop community to learn their top cyber challenges and the report, we answer 12 of their most pressing cyber questions. Whether it’s the ability to pay parking tickets, speeding tickets, file permits, apply or disburse benefits, the internet has transformedRead… Read more »

6 Ways to Keep Your Data Secure

Government agencies are collecting more data than ever before. With the increasing amount of data that agencies store, manage and collect, agencies must create robust strategies to protect data from being compromised. Recently, I spoke with John Barrett, Senior Manager Systems Engineering for Public Sector, Symantec on how agencies can minimize insider threats and keepRead… Read more »

Creating Resilient Security for Today’s World

Regardless if agencies are adopting cloud, mobile, data storage, or cybersecurity initiatives – agencies are facing increasing pressures to leverage new and emerging technology safely and securely. That’s why I am excited to attend the Symantec Government Symposium on October 2nd at the Walter E Washington Convention Center. The event brings together leading global ITRead… Read more »

What Really is Continuous Monitoring and Why is it Essential?

Today, nearly all of an agency’s mission-critical functions depend on safe and secure information technology systems. With cyber threats ever evolving and growing at an exponential rate, and increased reliance on technology to deliver core services in government, a robust cyber defense is needed by agencies. Continuous Monitoring is certainly not a new term, butRead… Read more »

3 Threats to Keeping Data Secure

In a fast-moving digital world that we are currently living in, our data and information is constantly at risk of being exposed or compromised. For government agencies, maintaining strict governance policies and educating users is essential. Government agencies collect a variety of data on citizens, from the day we are born and throughout our entireRead… Read more »

3 Lessons Learned for Successful Mobile Adoption

Mobile in government continues to be one of the most pertinent topics facing public sector administrators. The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports, “As of December 2012, 87% of American adults have a cell phone, and 45% have a smartphone. As of January 2013, 26% of American adults own an e-book reader, and 31%Read… Read more »

In Review: Symantec’s Annual Government Internet Security Threat Report (GISTR)

Cyberespionage and targeted attacks are on the rise-by 42%, according to Symantec’s annual Government Internet Security Threat Report (GISTR) report. This latest finding and others were published in Symantec’s annual Government Internet Security Threat Report (GISTR) report, which takes a year of security intelligence and knowledge collected from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network. The report providesRead… Read more »