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GovLaunch: Government Gets Its First Fleet of Electric Cars

On Tuesday, the General Services Administration purchased the federal government’s first fleet of electric cars. The purchase coincides with the release of a new White House memo requiring all new federal vehicles to utilize alternative energy. The 116 new cars are a mix of Chevrolet Volts, Nissan Leafs and Think Cities and will be usedRead… Read more »

BusMeister Game and Application on-line

BusMeister, a public transport application (game, forum, best practices library) I’ve been developing is ready … I would be interested in getting feedback from the govloop community. My goal is to use the game to teach non-professionals about public transportation and then encourage them to post ideas for how to improve their city’s public transportRead… Read more »

Bus Meister – a tool for improving participation in public transport planning

I have just finished the beta version of a game designed to help citizens understand public transport priority. The game is linked to a wiki that provides detailed information about measures to improve public transport. Once we are happy with the game we will place it on facebook and add social networking features so thatRead… Read more »

If You Live in DC, Congratulations On Being the Worst…

for TRAFFIC! The average Washington, D.C., area driver loses 70 hours a year sitting and inching along in traffic. This ties with Chicago for the country’s worst road congestion. Los Angeles is ranked next with 63 hours lost on what I like to call the “interstate parking lot”. If you want to read more onRead… Read more »

CB2: What TSA Can Learn From the Simpsons

Chris Bennett’s Crisis Blog (CB2) Part 1 of 2 on the TSA Debate The TSA pat-down situation is making national and GovLoop headlines this week as images of naked body scans and videos of screaming children being frisked circulate through millions of travelers and non-travelers alike. In today’s CB2 I’ll propose a partial solution toRead… Read more »