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Senate Resolution Designating October as National Work and Family Month – What Is Your Agency’s Best Work/Life Practice?

In the “better late than never” department, the Senate unanimously passed S. Res. 276 (below) designating October 2013 as National Work and Family Month. My question is – What is YOUR agency’s best work/life practice? In my case, parts of my agency are supportive of employee health and wellness – providing time off for fitness,Read… Read more »

Telework: Saving Dollars and Making Sense

A recent GAO report reviewed OPM’s 2012 annual report to Congress on the Federal government’s telework programs. While it acknowledges the progress that has been made in agency reporting on this issue, it also makes the interesting point that agencies have not yet focused on assessing the cost savings associated with telework programs. That’s aRead… Read more »

First pay your bills, then love your work

Follow this or any other website dealing with profesional life or organizational leadership and you quickly see a common theme of encourging individuals to focus on self actualization, leaders to focus on serving followers and employees to live their passion through their work. Doing the job, taking responsability for deliverables and earning a living appearRead… Read more »

Burned Out and Ready To Flip Out if Something Doesn’t Change?

A colleague of mine, Mary Frances-Winters, shared this post on her blog. Stemming from my curiosity surrounding work/life balance, I thought that I should share it and am curious to know your thoughts. You really understand the phrase “learning to do more with less”. They have downsized yet again at your company and again youRead… Read more »