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What Went Down at NextGen 2017

This year’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit was jam packed with inspiring keynotes, awesome breakout sessions, and endless networking. Over 600 govies from across the nation came together to learn how they can be better leaders, colleagues and friends to their peers at the two-day summit.

Couldn’t make it out to DC for the fun? Not a problem. For this week’s NextGen Leadership post, we are recapping everything you may have missed at the summit. Here were some of our favorite sessions:

How to Leverage Mindfulness in Your Career—Mindfulness is more than just a buzzword. Learn how you can use it to your advantage.

5 Steps to Building Resilience— To stay focused and adaptive to changing surroundings, resilient leaders develop “strong backs” of mental determination, grit and hardiness. They also cultivate “soft fronts” comprised of emotional intelligence and agility. If these qualities do not describe you right now, there is good news. Resiliency can be cultivated and strengthened.

10 Tips for Briefing Your Boss with Data— One of the mistakes people make is that the data steals the show, and it is left to tell its own story. Don’t fall victim to that trap. Check out these practical tips for leading data-drive briefings.

When Tragedy Strikes—Who Takes the Blame— On September 11, 2001 Virginia Buckingham was serving as the CEO of Logan Airport and was subsequently blamed for the attacks launched there. For the past sixteen years, Buckingham has worked to shed light on both the personal and broader implications of scapegoating in our culture and provide insights on building resilience.

How to Embrace a Culture of Change—Change isn’t easy. Learn what it takes to be a change agent and how your agency can embrace an evolving work environment.

How to Boost Morale at Your Agency—Practical tips to improving morale at your agency.

Maintaining Mission Focus in the Era of Process and Lattes—Are you a leader in government? Check out these two key concepts you need to know.

Were you at NextGen and your favorite session isn’t listed above? Be sure to share in the comments what it was and why you loved it so much! Additionally, for more information on all things professional development, check out all of the NextGen Leadership program’s blogs here.

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