What’s the Most Inopportune Time Your Internet Didn’t Work?

Face it, it has happen to us all…some internet connections are spotty and they doesn’t always work when we absolutely need them to!

Tell us a story about when your internet connection went out and you REALLY needed it to work; What were you doing? What were the pressures? How did it make you feel?

Basically, what was the most inopportune time your internet didn’t work?


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Allison Primack

GovLoop had recently moved into a new office during my first week as a fellow, so the wireless internet was down, AND the ethernet cord at my desk didn’t work! It was hard to get acclimated to my new job at an online company without internet!

Mike Schumacher

I would say the time I was supposed to email a paper in by midnight. Internet at my house went down. I ended up driving to a coffee shop and parking outside to use their wireless signal. Possibly my fault for not being done with it early, but still a very stressful moment.

Paul Homan

@Mike – I have totally had that happened. The bad part is, I don’t have a car and there are not always coffee shops opened that late around me.

James E. Evans, MISM, CSM

Probably during a graduate school exam. The timer continues to tick until you regain connectivity and log back in. Anyone that has ever experienced online academia KNOWS there is zero tolerance (from the university) for loss of connection.


The worst time our internet didn’t work was when the entire network was down for two or three days the week before our agency budget was due to OMB a few years ago. (Whole network went down due to, if I recall, someone at the company whose lines handle our data accidentally cutting a line or something during repairs). We lost not only internet, but also e-mail, connections to shared drives, agency intranet, systems, network printers, *everything*. Trying to keep completing budget justifications without any of that was an absolute nightmare.