Why the White House Belongs at the Top of the Digital IQ Rankings

While gazing at the Public Sector Digital IQ Rankings, I was happy to see that the White House was ranked No. 2. The rankings commented that “From open-sourced contests to balance the budget to weekly presidential addresses on YouTube, the White House leads by example.”

I couldn’t agree more. I was very impressed when I discovered the White House’s efforts to allow for citizen engagement. This includes partnering with Monster to give the public the opportunity to ask the White House questions about the economy.
The White House Blog is very informative and keeps the public up to date on all of the latest White House news.
One of the most impressive outlets I’ve seen the WH utilize is Youtube. The White House Youtube Channel offers press conference briefs, a question series with Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, and a weekly presidential address. Youtube takes the public into the White House, and gives the viewer an insider’s perspective.
Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the White House’s ability to engage with the online community. It is taking advantage of the digital media wave and deserves a high ranking on the Digital IQ List.
My personal favorite is Robert Gibb’s First Question Series. He tweets about when he will post and is very informative. It makes me feel like I’m a member of the White House Press Corps! Check out his latest post!

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