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Puffy Pillows & Community Policing

I’ve been thinking about public sector innovation and how many times we re-invent the wheel and spend the same dollar over and over again. The following metaphor comes to mind: Imagine a big puffy down pillow. You push your fist into the pillow. As long as you keep your fist in place, the new shapeRead… Read more »

Sustainability in Government

The GAO released a new report yesterday called Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue. It could start a very productive conversation or become a political football. Those of us who have worked in government, believe in organizational collaboration, change and innovation have seen many redundant and duplicativeRead… Read more »

Social Media & Government: An Oxymoron or a Perfect Challenge? orginally published by NAGC Newsletter, February 2010Social Media & Government: An Oxymoron or a Perfect Challenge?Author: Andrea Schneider Social Media is an Open System. Thriving social media sites are interactive, ever evolving, receptive to change, build relationships, share information, and rely on constant communication. They are community building, dependent on participation, and highly collaborativeRead… Read more »

Is Government a Partner with Private Sector Initiatives for Change?

This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend an un-conference on Social Media, Collaboration and Social Enterprise. It was great to be around my peers from other sectors.The government sector is rarely at this table as a partner. I think this is a problem.There is a convergence of thinking and emerging collective intelligenceRead… Read more »