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Social Networking Analysis and Homeland Security

Cross-posted from my Posterous blog – The Army Major – a Military Intelligence officer – is monitoring that blog. If any of you are willing to comment publicly, please provide your responses there. If you desire to provide anonymous input for his thesis, either email me directly. All such responses will be considered for non-attributionRead… Read more »

Great Connections at Kansas City GovUp

Just returned home from the Kansas City GovUp. A hearty thanks to Megan Price and Stephen Peteritas for putting on a great gig! The location provided a nice atmosphere and the food was terrific! But, more importantly, it was about the people and the connections made, often when you would least expect it. I metRead… Read more »

Disturbing Case of Innovation Squashed by Change Resistant Organization

Fair Warning: The blog post below and associated information candidly depicts the manner in which an innovative change agent was sacrificed on the alter of maintaining the status quo. Recommend any change agents lacking a forceful personality turn back now. Failure to do so may lead you to question your ability to effect organizational change.Read… Read more »

Why I Tweet? Amplifying Messages & Obtaining Results

Disclaimer: The post below was originally sent to a mailing list of people that are less familiar with social media tools, hence the basic explanatory nature of how Twitter works throughout the post. Lately there have been many articles and interviews, mostly from senior leaders, explaining why they use social media tools. Most of thoseRead… Read more »

Collaboration Squared (Collaborating about Collaborating)

Last month I setup a wiki, using Wetpaint, to introduce my students to Web 2.0 tools. In thinking of a name, I came up with Collaboration Squared as I was asking them to “collaborate about collaborating.” It seems to me we could use some of the same, unless it’s happening somewhere on GovLoop and I’veRead… Read more »