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Speed Networking: How Virtual Networking Hours Are Bringing People Together

For me, business networking used to mean early morning meetings, a Metro ride into Washington DC, several cups of coffee, lots of face-to-face introductions and a steady exchange of business cards. All told, each networking event required a three- to four-hour investment of time…until I discovered the George Washington University (GWU) LinkedIn Virtual Networking Hour,Read… Read more »

Spring Is a Great Time to Revitalize Your Professional Network

Spring is here. In my suburban neighborhood, homeowners are turning their thoughts toward their yards. Thatching, fertilizing, edging and Spring planting are all seasonal maintenance activities required for greener lawns, vibrant flower gardens and attractive landscapes. Anyone who has ever had a yard will tell you these results don’t just happen; they require constant effortRead… Read more »

Sharing the Moment

Last week, I wrote about brand storytelling in the collaborative economy. I touched on the human relationship between brands and their customers, along with the importance of sharing in that relationship. And I included this quote from SnapChat, which said, “It’s about the moment, a connection between friends in the present, and not just aRead… Read more »

The Defining Role of Personality in Brand Communications

How would your customers characterize your brand’s personality? Is it corporate, formal, standoffish and perhaps a little too impersonal? Or is it casual, friendly, engaging and personal? If you were to ask your customers to use pictures to describe your brand’s personality, which images would come to mind? Your brand communications – direct mail, email,Read… Read more »

How to Lead Change In Your Organization

I recently finished reading “The CMO Manifesto,” a 100-day action plan for marketing change agents by Forbes columnist and nFusion CEO John Ellett. The premise of the book is that a new CMO or any marketing leader, for that matter, is fundamentally a change agent. The book draws upon the collective insights of over 50Read… Read more »

How Social Media Is Changing the Way We Sell

Social media is changing the way we sell. As most of you know, I am an avid Twitter user (follow me @duanebailey). Last week, I added a handful of new followers to my Twitter community. In a short time, one of those new connections decided to follow me back. In most cases, the engagement wouldRead… Read more »

If You’re Selling, Are You Showing or Telling?

I tweeted this quote by American humorist Will Rogers the other day: “People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument.” If you’re selling (and, if you really think about it, we’re all selling something), this quote speaks to what it takes to close the deal among an increasingly skeptical and informed buying audience.Read… Read more »

Sustainability Marketing Is Green…and More

Sustainability marketing is fast becoming a business best practice. With its focus on social justice, economic prosperity and environmental protection, sustainability is really all about addressing the needs of people, profits and planet. Sustainability marketing, when done right, is a holistic marketing strategy that enables a brand to do good things for people in theRead… Read more »

Alienate Your Audience Lately? Avoid Using Negative Language

While doing some searching on the Internet, I came across an article on public speaking. The speaker said early in every presentation, he tells people “This presentation is for you. So don’t hesitate to interrupt me and ask questions. In fact I encourage you to argue with me. I’m here for you. In fact, IRead… Read more »