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Your Accomplishments + Stories = Credibility

How do you establish your credibility? How does someone know the ‘real you’? On a professional basis, how can you demonstrate you have experience, get results, are competent? Traditionally this knowledge comes from the individual knowing you over time and seeing how well what you say and what you do match up – from workingRead… Read more »

The New Normal – Cloud Computing

This week the Capital Technology Management Hub put on a program about cloud computing – a very informative session about a new approach to computing that is no longer just a concept – it is up and running with higher level enhancements coming on line continuously at a steady pace. Interesting in its own right,Read… Read more »

The New Normal

What is Normal? It is a mosaic of the things we know, the changes we experience, and the structural shifts that affect how we do business. It’s our collective beliefs about the what – how – why – when – who of doing business. It is dynamic and changes as its elements change. Long agoRead… Read more »

Socail Media – Building Relationships

How can social media become a tool for business? Although it has become part of the Sales Model, how often have you still heard that question raised? Here’s a brief look at two examples using Facebook to further develop the relationship with the customer – adding depth and creating a personal bond. At the WeatherRead… Read more »

Give Them What They Need! Are You Reaching Your Audience?

‘Your speak with individuals; you sell to organizations; and you live by referrals’ – a friend noted in a recent conversation about professional service firms. Are we meeting the needs of each of these functions in our communications with clients and prospects. ? I’d say yes when meetings were face-to-face and we were a primaryRead… Read more »

Activity or Results – Which Do We Reward?

Activity is: movement; working on tasks; kinetic energy; being (or looking) busy; doing ‘stuff’… “Getting Results” brings to mind: meeting goals; creating value; making sales; completing projects… Are they the same thing? NO – Results require activity – BUT – Activity does not necessarily produce Results. To that point – I can recall seeing anRead… Read more »

What’s the right size for YOUR organization & how do I get there? Find Out This Thursday Morning

This is one of the most important underlying questions of the day! Too large means wasted resources ($$$) in carrying excess capacity, staff & real estate; too small means wasted opportunities ($$$) because of insufficient resources to meet demand (do you see a trend here? Hint: it’s costing you $$$ either way). Optimal size isRead… Read more »

The When of Leadership

This post began as “Is Everyone a Leader?.” I quickly realized that this is truly determined though the crashing together of needed skills, desire or duty, the situation, and timing. John Wayne typically played characters that are leaders – people follow him over the hill or turn to him for “The Plan.” To the contrary,Read… Read more »