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Contingent Commitments

During the course of a month I go to several meeting and events which require advance registration (RSVP). I usually work the registration desk and find that between 20% to 40% are no shows – registered to come but do not make it. Several people have shared their disappointment in the number of people whoRead… Read more »

The Changing Social Paradigm

The Web provided the pathways. The software provided the user with sophisticated tools and utilities. Social media – like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, GovLoop – provided the community and forum. All of which has contributed to far reaching change in the way we interact, conduct business, pursue careers, and entertain ourselves. bitod (back inRead… Read more »

Ideas in Action

When I was a lad, sodas were 10 cents from a vending machine. Not being fond of sweet carbonated drinks, I told friends that it would be great to have these machines dispense ice cold spring water in bottles. Of course they laughed at such a goofy idea. My bottled water idea was a larkRead… Read more »

Captain Dangerous

The other day at the next marina, there was a 32-foot cabin cruiser attempting to tie up to the dock. The captain was having a difficult time bringing the boat near the dock – very entertaining for the observers in our marina. First, the boat was aiming at the dock on an angle instead beingRead… Read more »

Twenty, Two, and One

We are experiencing a time of change – big change, fast change – in business, employment, markets, government. No new news here. The nature of a job has changed as well…what do you do each day now? How about this for a model: 20 sits (meetings) per month – to learn, share, sell, or get;Read… Read more »

Something of Value

Let’s look at two situations: A presenter, when asked if said she would make the program slides available to the meeting attendees said no offering this reason – this is my professional work and I will not give away my thoughts and insight. Eric Raymond, wrote about the open source software model (he was instrumentalRead… Read more »

Why Blog?

Why blog? When we asked folks at Blah, Blah, Blog and Blog Lab why they blog, here’s a few of their answers: The boss told me to Recruiters will see me I may make money by blogging I am a writer, and therefore I blog I have something to say and want to share it.Read… Read more »