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New Normal – Asynchronous Collaboration

When we were all physically located in the same building collaboration was a collection of meetings to reach the stated goal. First to flesh out the details of the project – go from concept to specific, consensus from contributors, logistics & interim deadlines from participants, and collective review of it all. Meet and work togetherRead… Read more »

A Dozen Golden Nuggets from the Blog Lab Event

The Web Manager’s Roundtable and Dick Davies put on a powerful practical workshop for active organizational bloggers – covering a broad range of attendee inspired topics, such as process – better/easier blogging; managing – avoiding blogger burnout or lighting the flame; volume – achieving greater distribution & getting more readers; comments – being a commentRead… Read more »

Celebrate!! Celebrate!! Dance to the Music!

When planning a project, do you include time to celebrate? The completion? Overcoming that thorny problem to get things moving again? Figuring a way to still stay in budget? At the Leadership Breakfast – Reston today, we discussed leadership and teams, and of course communications came up as a problem and solution to several performanceRead… Read more »

The Doer

You know this person – uses hands, mind, eyes, ears, and creativity to contribute directly to the organization’s results. He is engaged and there to contribute. She supports the mission and works to the highest of standards. Doers are the tensile strength of an organization’s operations. The Doers do their part, are always ready toRead… Read more »