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Protecting Toyota Software Source Code: Best InfoSec Yet?

How far will an organization go to protect its most sensitive information? Plaintiffs’ attorneys suing Toyota Motor Corp. over sudden unintended acceleration in several Toyota and Lexus models are finding out. Although the U.S. government recently ruled out software glitches as the cause of multiple acceleration-related accidents, the attorneys want to hire 10 outside engineersRead… Read more »

Data Safeguarding Self-Assessments Due in Less Than Two Days (and snow delays probably won’t cut it as an excuse)

Review teams consisting of counterintelligence, security and information-assurance experts at each of the relevant agencies have until January 28th to submit their self-assessments. A January 3rd Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo poses a number of questions the review teams should answer, including: Assess what your agency has done or plans to do toRead… Read more »

The Challenge of Predicting Dangerous Behavior

“There’s an army of mentally ill people among the U.S. population,” notes our expert. “Is law enforcement, social services or even the administrative staff of a community college responsible for tracking and monitoring them? No.” A telling excerpt from the Digital Sandbox blog post discussing the Arizona tragedy — worthy of discussion among gov’t ranks.

Part Three on the Government’s Grappling with Radical Information Transparency

In the current highly charged political environment . . . the government is facing unprecedented levels of distrust among a small but growing subset of its citizens. Multiple disinformation campaigns, waged across a broad spectrum of media, have helped to create and then aggravate this distrust through dissemination of negative news – much of itRead… Read more »

The Conversation on Radical Information Transparency and the Government continues

” . . . the national security apparatus is groaning under the weight of record amounts of classified information, not to mention the attendant material costs of protecting its secrets for longer and longer periods of time. To be sure, this is partly due to the fact that it’s collecting more intelligence than ever before,Read… Read more »

Breaking a Bottle on the New Digital Sandbox Site

PeakTwo is pleased to announce the launch of a new site for our client Digital Sandbox, a heavy hitter in risk analysis software and threat assessment consultation. Development required aligning several objectives: From a messaging standpoint, the site has to convey rock-solid solution performance and an ironclad understanding of security objectives for state, local, andRead… Read more »