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Waste-Free Capitalism — Why Not Waste-Free Government, too?

I just read this excellent article by Lean thinker Michael Balle called “Waste-Free Capitalism.” Most Americans accept that capitalism is the best economic model for allocating scarce resources and maximizing wealth. Most Americans also know that it isn’t perfect. Waste — until recently — has been seen as a “cost of doing business” or usingRead… Read more »

Protecting Toyota Software Source Code: Best InfoSec Yet?

How far will an organization go to protect its most sensitive information? Plaintiffs’ attorneys suing Toyota Motor Corp. over sudden unintended acceleration in several Toyota and Lexus models are finding out. Although the U.S. government recently ruled out software glitches as the cause of multiple acceleration-related accidents, the attorneys want to hire 10 outside engineersRead… Read more »

Stimulus Spending Needs Jidoka – The Proof Is In the Pork

Information on recently reported that the Department of Agriculture was paying $1.2 million for 2 pounds of frozen ham. In fact the contract in question actually purchased 760,000 pounds of ham for $1.191 million for food banks and homeless shelters. In response to misstated information the board overseeing refused to correct the informationRead… Read more »