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Crisis Communications: Takeaways from SMC-DC

Tonight I attended an interesting panel sponsored by Social Media Club-DC about crisis communications. The panelists: Andy Carvin, NPR Dallas Lawrence, Levick Strategic Communications Jon Eick, New Media Strategies Gayle Weiswasser, TMG Strategies Part of my job and my team’s job is to lead crisis communications efforts for EPA. I mean for things like 9/11,Read… Read more »

Transparent Calendars

I’m reposting a piece I put up today in EPA’s blog, Greenversations. Feel free to leave comments here or on Greenversations; I’ll get ’em either way, but they’ll be more public over there. Here it is: A couple of weeks ago, EPA Administrator Jackson issued a memo calling for maximum transparency in everything we do.Read… Read more »

Transparency and Open Gov’t Newsletter

Lisa Nelson from GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Communications, passes along this info about their latest newsletter: ————————————————————————————————————————– The Transparency and Open Government Newsletter presents the views of 21 individuals and organizations across federal, state, local and international governments, industry, academia and the non-profit communities. They represent a broad spectrum of ideas from thoughtRead… Read more »

Twitter to the Rescue!

No, this isn’t about anything as dramatic as Demi Moore possibly helping to prevent a suicide. Just a couple of real-world examples that reminded me of when Doug Beizer included me in an article in Federal Computer Week, discussing how I use Twitter as a research tool. Today brought that article back to me. First,Read… Read more »

The Accidental Following

I’m astounded at the number of people following me on Twitter, where I’m @levyj413. Truly. The count is currently at 3293. I’ve seen three large jumps in that number because of a few specific events, and I like giving credit where it’s due, so here they are: Quite randomly, I called into an NPR showRead… Read more »