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Gov 2.0 Camp: view from a co-organizer

This past weekend, I had the amazing good fortune to help organize Government 2.0 Camp with three great people: Maxine Teller, Peter Corbett, and Mark Drapeau. You can find all kinds of recap goodies on the Government 2.0 Club site. Sorry, I can’t do a better job than Todd Pitt did in his “minimalist” recapRead… Read more »

Why I Tweet

I find Twitter to be an incredibly useful tool for me in my job. I have conversations with people who don’t get it, and I find myself making the same claims over and over again. I had an email exchange on the subject today, and once again I wrote it all out, so I thoughtRead… Read more »

Transparency Camp thoughts: an ode to basic research

Several people have asked me what I took away from Transparency Camp, an “unconference” held this past weekend here in DC (read the Twitter stream to get an idea what it was like). I did get a few concrete facts out of it, but fundamentally to me, it was all about basic research, not applied.Read… Read more »

Top 10 Best Practices for Government Websites from the Federal Web Managers Council

More goodness from … Top 10 Best Practices for Government Websites 1. Meet all laws, requirements, policies, and other directives for public websites 2. Document your governance structure, including roles, relationships, responsibilities, rules, and review processes 3. Develop, document, and implement a strategic plan that both incorporates visionary changes and corrects problems with webRead… Read more »

Contribute what you know and think to a gov’t social media survey

Andy Krzmarzick and Ari Herzog are two private sector folks who are speaking at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media in Gov’t conference at the end of March in DC. They’ve put together a survey, and they’d love for gov’t folks at federal, state, local, and international governmental agencies to share their thinking. They’ve promisedRead… Read more »

Attending Transparency Camp or Gov’t 2.0 Camp? Watch this video first!

Attending an unconference like Transparency camp or Gov’t 2.0 Camp? They will be unlike other conferences. They’re called “unconferences” because the format is really different. You won’t be coming to sit while others lecture, occasionally asking questions. Rather, you’re expected to participate and share. Even if all you “know” is the questions you have toRead… Read more »