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GovLoop Microlending Team on Kiva: 4 years of helping

Note: everything I discuss below is from me as a private individual, not representing anything connected to EPA, the federal government, or anyone else.) Have you heard of microfinancing? The basic idea is that by making very small loans to entrepreneurs (like $25) in developing areas, you help them help themselves and contribute to theRead… Read more »

In Praise of Basic Research, or It Doesn’t All Have to Be Useful

I try to remember to do basic research every once in a while, where I figure out how the world works without a goal in mind. This contrasts with applied research, which is about solving particular problems or taking advantage of specific opportunities. The distinction can be pretty clear in science. For example, in physicsRead… Read more »

Managing Up

Earlier this week, I came across Hannah Ornell, another GovLooper, asking for definitions of “managing up.” I left my thoughts as a comment, but decided to write a blog post so I can find this later. I coach my team pretty frequently on managing up. To me, it’s a set of actions under the umbrellaRead… Read more »

Lessons Learned: Crisis Communications Online

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of either directly running or managing the people running EPA websites responding to various crises: 9/11 (that happened one month after I joined public affairs) Columbia Shuttle Accident Hurricane Katrina BP Oil Spill Radiation coming to the U.S. from the release of material from Japanese nuclear reactors followingRead… Read more »

Help an agency out: spread the word that we want photos taken on Earth Day

Ok, here’s the deal. We at EPA are running several social media engagement projects around Earth Day (April 22), and most are off to a good start. But we’re doing one thing actually on Earth Day itself: trying to capture a moment in time. Specifically, we’re asking people to submit a photo they take onRead… Read more »