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Build Your PUBLIC SECTOR Pipeline with the use of TERM CONTRACTS

Jennifer Schaus & ONVIA present a webinar on TUESDAY May 1, 2pm EST Building your Public Sector Pipeline with the use of TERM CONTRACTS. The webinar is free and requires registration:

7 Reasons FED GOV Contractors Should Consider STATE & LOCAL Markets

7 Reasons Federal Government Contractors should consider their advantages in the state and local marketplace. Jennifer Schaus Jennifer Schaus & Associates Washington, DC HOST OF B2G MONTHLY NETWORKING:

B2G Networking OCT 21 – & – Marketing to the FED GOV by Jennifer Schaus, WASH DC

Please join us for the 3rd Thursdays B2G Networking Event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC This is a no-cost event for high-level professionals in government, government contracting (B2G) or other sectors to meet and share best practices with other like-minded professionals. For more info & to register, Jennifer Schaus contributed recently toRead… Read more »