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Thankful For You

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA today. So here’s something I’m thankful for. Those of you who strive for competence, instead of just a title. Those of you who value real knowledge and wisdom, instead of a piece of paper. I know you are someone who values competence and the ability to add real value, becauseRead… Read more »

Just Say “Yes”

There is a critical strategy when reaching out to new people. Are you implementing it? If you are trying to reach out to new people and grow your professional network and failing to get responses, read on. Why Is This Concept Important? This is the difference between being blown off and actually starting to interactRead… Read more »

Scrum is a World View

Guest post by Jim Kinter I’ve been thinking about how to help a colleague get his arms around a Scrum implementation that seems to be out of control and rife with what my friend Ken Schwaber refers to as “ScrumButs”. During our conversation, I cringed several times when reference was made to their “version” ofRead… Read more »

The First Annual Shrinkie Awards

I found out about this today and wanted to share with you. From the site: Shrinkonia: a place where project teams find connection and flow, so they can create amazing things together. It’s located all over the world. And mobile. So it moves around. And people come and go. They move to Shrinkonia fluently andRead… Read more »

Scrum Tune-up

Guest post by Jim Kinter In my previous post I referenced a conversation with a colleague about a Scrum implementation that hasn’t produced the results he expected. His expectations from the outset seem to be primarily focused on productivity, but motivation and drivers for choosing Scrum is for another day. As I was mulling thisRead… Read more »

Like A Boss

It’s hard not to feel inspired. I’m contacted daily by people who are deciding enough is enough, and they are taking charge of their careers. Perseverance Some have failed. Didn’t get that job they were going for. Didn’t pass the PMP exam. But they keep going. I don’t agree with everything he says, but IRead… Read more »

You Have To Start Somewhere

I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there. And for certain new adventures I’m starting, I’m there now with you. Starting something new is daunting. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you don’t have experience managing projects yet, and you are trying to land project management roles so you can gain experience. Perhaps you are stuckRead… Read more »

Risk Happens

Guest post by Mike Clayton Why Every Project Manager needs to Understand Risk Project management is a discipline born from necessity. If projects were not so challenging, we wouldn’t need a separate toolkit and processes. But we do need them, because when we try to create change under constraints like schedule, performance and budget, weRead… Read more »

You Are A Twit

Or at least you should be If you haven’t yet discovered Twitter as an awesome way to find great project management resources, let me introduce you. You, this is Twitter. Twitter, meet you. You can easily search Twitter for whatever type of project management resources you are interested in. You will quickly notice people youRead… Read more »