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Is Open Data Sustainable in Your Community?

Which comes first, open data or open government? This question was posed at the Sunlight Foundation’s recent TransparencyCamp. The two-day event featured various outbreak sessions and thought-provoking messages from industry professionals. You can view additional coverage of the event here, “ICYMI: TransparencyCamp Event” and here, “Improving Insights from Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Camp“. One ofRead… Read more »

Improving Insights from Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Camp

The Sunlight Foundation recently hosted TransparencyCamp, a gathering of technology, policy and government thought leaders to discuss open government and open data initiatives. My recent post, “ICYMI: TransparencyCamp Event” gave a general overview of the event, and highlighted a session with former Philadelphia Chief Data Officer Mark Headd. This blog will look at a subsequentRead… Read more »

The Path Towards International Aid Data Standards

Open data is more than just a national concern, as countries often share and compare information with each other. Thus, calls for transparency must also extend internationally. As you may recall from a previous post, one of the requirements outlined in out government’s National Action Plan (NAP) is that foreign aid funding be reported inRead… Read more »

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): TransparencyCamp Event

It’s almost summertime, and that means families around the country are preparing for one of the season’s greatest offerings: summer camp. While kids gallivant around, play games or go fishing, there’s much more to camp than meets the eye. One of the greatest benefits of camp I’ve experienced is community. Summer camp brings together kidsRead… Read more »

Open Government and Data: Beyond Our Nation’s Borders

Governments around the world are utilizing big data analytics more and more. While data can make governments run more efficiently and aid policy decisions, it also raises many concerns. Citizens and civil society groups advocate for openness, making data available and accessible to all. In line with these calls to action, President Obama made aRead… Read more »

Enterprise Content Management and the Cloud: IDC White Paper

Cloud computing has revolutionized an organizations’ ability to improve service delivery. With additional technologies like mobile and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, agencies now have a powerful technology arsenal to innovate and excel in today’s growing digital economy. The recent increase in cloud computing adoption brings with it a shared interest in enterprise content managementRead… Read more »