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Keep Service Levels Up by Improving Revenue Streams

As consumers, we expect service, don’t we? When service lessens or is taken away from us altogether, we struggle to comprehend it. As a recent example, I went to the pharmacy the other day and learned that I couldn’t pick up my prescription since the pharmacists were out to lunch. “Who takes lunch anymore?” IRead… Read more »

Improving crime prevention and awareness with data and analytics

Crime prevention and awareness techniques are changing and data, analytics and use of technology is making a difference. While law enforcement departments continue to face issues related to data – ranging from working with outdated information, inability to share data across departments, and difficulty in collapsing data for analysis – a new trend is emergingRead… Read more »

How to optimize debt recovery with minor information and process adjustments

Government organizations that handle collections have similar business challenges regardless of agency focus and mission. Let’s face it, debtors can be elusive. They are often hard to find and even more difficult to collect upon when information and processes are lacking. To accelerate debt recovery, governments must focus on optimization – particularly, streamlining how resourcesRead… Read more »

Public Sector: Study Shows a Growing Need to Validate Eligibility Determinations

A recent study conducted by the Governing Institute and commissioned by Experian confirms that government benefit agencies can greatly improve their eligibility verification processes through automated data analytics. Historically, assorted health and human service programs have been compartmentalized, with each benefit agency having its own data collection system, eligibility requirements and program rules. The technologyRead… Read more »

Best Practices for Addressing Fraud in the Public Sector

Cybersecurity, identity management and fraud are common and prevalent challenges across both the public sector and private sector. Industries as diverse as credit card issuers, retail banking, telecom service providers and eCommerce merchants, are faced with fraud threats ranging from first party fraud, commercial fraud, and identity theft. And, if for a second you happenRead… Read more »