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Keep Service Levels Up by Improving Revenue Streams

As consumers, we expect service, don’t we? When service lessens or is taken away from us altogether, we struggle to comprehend it. As a recent example, I went to the pharmacy the other day and learned that I couldn’t pick up my prescription since the pharmacists were out to lunch. “Who takes lunch anymore?” IRead… Read more »

Cutting Costs, Improving Performance: A Video Overview

A few months ago, the Center for the Business of Government released a publication and started a blog devoted to cutting costs while improving performance at government agencies. We’re now producing videos that will, eventually, cover all seven stratgies we recommend. This video will eventually serve as the introduction to that series, but we areRead… Read more »

Jazzed About Network Consolidation: A Simple Solution to Cutting Municipal IT Costs

by Tim Verras, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for Sophicity The great jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus once said, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” When it comes to IT administration, there are plenty of opportunities to make things unnecessarily complex, especially with the sheerRead… Read more »