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Is there an NAO community?

At the moment we are spending some time helping colleagues launch this year’s graduate recruitment campaign – branded as Big-on. We are quite proud of our contribution including the branded Big-on Facebook page which my colleague Alex Mueller does a lot of work on. We also have a dedicated Big-on area of our website IRead… Read more »

Who is a ‘quality’ website visitor?

Steph Gray @lesteph recently highlighted an article by Gerry McGovern on the The accidental website visitor. Gerry talks about how a website significantly improved its satisfaction levels once it was attracting the right, but smaller audience. This made me think about who is the ‘right kind’ of website visitor? Are they one of us? DoRead… Read more »

In praise of ‘hack’ days

I had the good fortune of being present this weekend (26/3/11) at the ‘show and tell’ of the Rewired State ran ‘Hack the government’ day #nhtg11. Before I say more it might be worth making clear what a hack day is. It is not something naughty or dangerous like trying to damage or deface aRead… Read more »

Messages in a bottle?

How many of our messages are sent out in a bottle? We write our message stick it in a container and throw it out onto the sea of the internet. At some point the bottle knocks up against some foriegn shore, gets picked up and someone reads the message. What happens if it landed onRead… Read more »