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Mailcamp 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Mailcamp 2013 an annual shindig to discuss all manner of topics regarding email marketing. I should add that all the hard work was done by Steph Gray @lesteph I was merely ‘strong armed’ into giving a presentation. Others have written about this event in more detail –Read… Read more »

Social media guidance part 1 – do you have a ‘private life’ any more?

I attended a fascinating discussion yesterday at #Teacamp (a monthly get together for digital geeks) about social media guidance for the public sector. The Government Digital Service, on behalf of central government, are updating the existing social media guidance for civil servants which is now a few years old. The overall thrust of the guidance,Read… Read more »

Tracking social media sharing with Google event tracking

I mentioned a while ago some great training we had with Andrew Hood on Google Analytics. The one big thing that we have followed up is setting up some event tracking. These are actions that involve some kind of interaction with a site usually involving clicking on something. Helpfully the new version of Google AnalyticsRead… Read more »