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Scores on the Doors

We’d like to thank everyone that put forward an idea and everyone that provided valuable feedback on the ideas. We were overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the ideas and it was a very difficult task for the Judges to come up with the winners of the best ideas for how people could improveRead… Read more »

Towards A Data Driven Citizen City

As we now start the next phase of our competition asking you to suggest and put forward high level specifications of visual or software prototypes that you can develop at our event, we wonder what would happen if all these data-driven prototypes were implemented. Is this what our cities would look like? the data-citizen drivenRead… Read more »

How to Map a Neighbourhood of Ideas

Have you ever wondered how you can make sense and uncover connections between lots and lots of ideas? Have you ever wanted to see if you could understand what trends the ideas were shaping on a theme you were exploring? We’re half way through our competition and as we encourage people to sign up forRead… Read more »

Usable by Default – The Next Chapter

We are launching the next phase of our competition for designers and developers to design or develop visual or software/web/mobile prototypes and take part in an event where they can work on this with others. You can see more details on the competition site itself. As you can see below there are prizes to beRead… Read more »

Help People Help Each Other

As you may remember from our “walk through” guide to help stimulate ideas for our competition, we started off by looking at what skills people wanted to learn and share and then onto what would make it easier for them to use technology and finally onto how people wanted to make their neighbourhood a betterRead… Read more »

All Skilled Up

In a previous post I described how we’re supporting people to come up with ideas for ourcompetition through an interactive game. We’ve been working with Turner Contemporary’s Blank Canvas group who “bring younger (aged 13 – 25) and older (over 60) people together, to help them to explore similarities and differences and to interact withRead… Read more »

Coming up With Ideas

Coming up with ideas sounds really easy, but sometimes to get the simple but most effective ideas, it’s worth thinking about how to stimulate them. I’ve been working with local residents from community and arts groups and students from colleges and universities to help them come up with ideas for our competition. A few daysRead… Read more »

How to Make the Skunk Work With Open Data

To understand better how to develop open data competitions and to inform our own competition, we asked those of you that had hosted these already. We’ve had some thought provoking interviews from the shires and from the south west on hills and hearts. From one port to another as we move from Bristol to Amsterdam.Read… Read more »