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What’s The Money Spent On?

As the “debt ceiling” budget deal is in the process of being agreed across the pond, we’ve been thinking about the impact of visualising budget data, but firstly we’ve opened the budget data for Kent CC. There are different ways you can visualise what your local council spends its money on Using a flow mapRead… Read more »

Mash My Gov!

In yesterday’s post, @psychemedia described how combining data from different sources could create new insights for people (and indeed staff!) on their local services… Well, the University of Lincoln (@lisc_) have come up with a tool that does just that! MashMyGov is a way of enabling you to do just that. Getting provocative about dataRead… Read more »

Marketing the data

In order to give value to the open data that has been published on Open Kent, we need to let people know it is there. How do we do this? As a novice in online marketing, it is easy to assume that simply by posting information on a web page, anyone who is interested willRead… Read more »

Getting educated with open data

In a recent letter from the Prime Minister in the UKto government departments, David Cameron reaffirmed the commitment towards opening up public data that was initiated by the previous government in July, 2009 and swiftly followed by the publication of the open public data catalogue in November, 2009. Today, catalogues data from aRead… Read more »

Getting smart about data

We are always looking at new ways to work with the best talent in our local area and now we want to sound you out on research local students are carring out on open data. At a time of severe resource and financial constraints, the joint MBA programme we have developed with Kent Business SchoolRead… Read more »

Hacked Off?

Kent County Council is always looking to create innovative and cost-effective methods of delivering services. One way in which this can be done is through hosting local hack-days for creative students and graduates to come together, to contribute and share ideas and to try out new concepts and prototypes. Who would we invite students toRead… Read more »

Opening Up Your Ideas for Open Data

Posted by openkent on July 13, 2011 With the constraints we face, councils need to explore more agile and efficient ways of developing and making use of technology. At the same time, there is a massive opportunity to open up the development of ideas and solutions to people who have ideas and skills in howRead… Read more »

Crowdsourcing a Competition

We developed a concept called “Transformed by You” to involve people to come up with ideas and work with students and entrepreneurs to help turn them into prototypes. You can see here some of what was developed. If you missed the activities last time round, you’ll be pleased to know we’re doing it again, butRead… Read more »

A Civic Dashboard?

We’ve just opened up our contact centre performance data at Open Kent which you can download here. We’re working with public services across the county to open up different types data. You can leave a comment on our blog to tell us what data you would like and we’ll to get it opened too. ButRead… Read more »